About Us

We startet in 2019 in FiFE with the name NO*Føniks Paws, and changed that name when we moved over to Tica, cause of the missin Ø… and the foniks and Phoenix name was already taken… We still have the name Føniks Paws on our dog breed.

We are a small cattery, and are a family of four people, me, my husband and our to kids. We keep our cats as family members, they are wherever we are, and join us and giving a helping paw almost in everything we do.

We also has a outdoor cat garden, they could run, climb and play in. All fenced up, so they are safe when beeing outdoor.

We also has dogs, and fishes, our cats love looking at the fish swimming around, and have found great friends in our dogs.

We started with Maine Coon cats in 20017 as “fòrvert” and in 2018 we got our first own queen, and our first Maine Coon litter was born in 2019.

You are happy to take contact if you are wondering about anything.

Best wishes from the Amigos Gato Team.