Fenne Kullet

Who would imagine…. 12 kittens in one litter… We knew Angel was big, but it would not take an end when she deliver… They are still going strong and we hope they will live up all of them futher on <3

Coi: 5,22 %
Clones: 20,3 %
Foundation Top 5 : 45 %
Pedigree link : https://www.pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&ids=3:1565872;2:1512691&g=4&p=mco&o=elastic

Name Name MeaningSexColor
RimneThe one who is covered with frostFemalegs 22Stays in our cattery
MimirThe wise GodMalens 22SOLD
FreyjaA noble Woman Femalefs 22SOLD
HeidrunThe goat who applies meads for the GodsMalegs 22SOLD to Dragonstone Cattery
SagaShe who sees everythingFemalef(y) 22SOLD
BûriThe first God in Norse mythologyFemalef 22Free
DvalinDwarf who made the magic sword Tyrfinn with his brother DurinMalen(y) 22 SOLD
SynInvoked during trialsFemalegs 22SOLD
SòlThe sunFemalefs 22
AndrimneThe chef in ValhallaFemalef (y)22 SOLD
DurinDurin Dwarf who made the magic sord Tyrfinn with his brother DvalinMalen(y) 22SOLD
MundilfareThe father of the moon and the sunMalea 22Free
Min tippoldemor Ragnhild Fenne på trappa på Øvre Fenno gården. /my great great great grandma Ragnhild Fenne on the stairs on Fenno farm.

1. Føniks Paws Fenne Rimne
2. Føniks Paws Fenne Andrimne
3. Føniks Paws Fenne Mimir
4. Føniks Paws Fenne Saga
5. Føniks Paws Fenne Freyja
6. Føniks Paws Fenne Sol
7. Føniks Paws Fenne Büri
8. Føniks Paws Fenne Syn
9. Føniks Paws Fenne Dvalin
10.Føniks Paws Fenne Heidrun
11.Føniks Paws Fenne Mundilfare
12.Føniks Paws Fenne Durin