Gossip Litter

Why gossip? Because there is always a little gossip around.. and I let my self be inspired of Viaplays documentary Gossip.

Total innbreed:10,3%
Foundation Top 5: 
Parents: No*Langhalens Light At The Castle – S*Lindevoll`s Chayton

Name MeaningName MeaningColor SexStatus
Gossip MusrellaThis name does not have any meaning exept that I just started call her that cause she sounded like a mouse while she talked.. And Rella is Minnie Mouse also called. So.. Musrella it is. g 09FemaleStays in the cattery
Gossip Cinderellaa woman who achieves fame after being obscureg 03FemaleReserved
Gossip Cruellavicious, iniquitous or ‘sinful’g 09 FemaleFREE
Gossip CaligulaRoman emperore 09MaleReserved

1.Føniks Paws Gossip Musrella
2.Føniks Paws Gossip Caligula
3.Føniks Paws Gossip Cruella
4.Føniks Paws Gossip Cindrella